Proper Use Guide

TrueLine products are intended for laboratory use only and should be used by persons familiar with proper laboratory techniques.


  • Do not pipette by mouth.
  • Do not extract liquids into a pipette by mouth.

Centrifuge Tubes

  • When centrifuging bio-hazardous materials such as pathogenic organisms, clinical specimen please take appropriate safety considerations.

  • Follow instructions provided by your centrifuge manufacturer for correct centrifugations settings.

  • Do not fill tubes that are used in angle head centrifuges such that liquids will be in contact with the lip of the tube will place in the rotor.

Cryogenic Vials

  • Do not store cryogenic vials in liquid phase of liquid nitrogen.

  • When removing cryogenic vials from cryogenic storage system, please wear safety equipment.

Dishes, Plates

  • If you are using these products with infectious or hazardous materials, the products should be disposed of after use. Do not recycle them.
  • You should also take the necessary steps to sterilize or otherwise destroy any residual infectious or hazardous materials that may remain in the products before disposing of them.